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Monster Island; Online?

Helios Posted: 08.14.2010, 03:34

registered: Dec. 2009
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I was wondering..

A lot of players have been using online tools to have RPG sessions, and even miniature wargames, online through specialised and often free programs.

A populair one is RPTools, which even has been used for a tabletop games of the "Song of.." series by Ganesha games.

You also have Screenmonkey, which is handy as none of the other players requires to install anything.
But may need a purchase of the full thing to really customise to whatever you wish.

I was wondering if anyone had plans, or already made, a module for any such online wargaming/rpg program and is willing to share it or is looking for players? :)
It could help out with people who have trouble finding players close to them, like me :)
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