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Interesting miscellaneous kaiju related stuff

Amigo Posted: 03.21.2010, 06:07


registered: Mar. 2010
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I have been looking around and found some things that may actually be both interesting and a bit helpfull to some people around here :)

As I was looking around for some Kaiju related stuff on deviant art I cam across a nifty Kaiju size comparison chart:

It can be really helpfull when you want to have something build on scale, or just to have a much better visual aid to show for the sizes you are dealing with in a game.

I don't have any really realistic scale in buildings, but for those who prefer it, it can be helpful to have size charts like this.

I also found something I would not have thought to ever see....
A children's collour book of kaiju! :p

Link is to the store, but those who attend "G-Fest" may actually have seen it way before I came across it.
But I guess a children's collouring book of Kaiju shouldn't be too suprising if you have seen this before:

and ofcourse the second book:

While it is a surprise to see them, somehow..kaiju just seem almost natural as a children's fantasy :p

I am actually thinking of getting both books, even if only out of collector's curiosity :p

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