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Gnomes : I would like to add Gnomes

cheinzmann Posted: 12.13.2007, 19:30


registered: Dec. 2007
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I really loved the Gnome book from when I was a kid and even made one in Jr. High out of clay 'life sized'. Mom still has it. Any one can help me flesh out a gnome. I think their stats may higher than the 30 pt model but don't want it overpowered. What would the gifts be? I will re-read the Gnomes book and post what I found.

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ReaperWolf Posted: 01.04.2008, 23:57


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Being a fan of the David the Gnome books I added gnomes to my own games as well but to avoid confusion with Brownies/Greenies I took a different track:

Body 1
Mind 3
Spirit 2

Dowsing: Gnomes are masters of finding lost and hidden things. Find simple overlooked things, such as a set of keys costs no Essence. Finding long lost or concealed things, such as a concealed door to a Giant's home, costs 1 Essence. Deliberately hidden objects or those concealed by glamour, illusions, and/or magic costs 2 Essence.

Animal Speech: Like Sprites, Gnomes may communicate with animals although such animals are of the digging such as moles, mice, voles, and birds.

Corruption: Gnomes who fall to wickedness become Tommyknockers, mischevious haunters of mines and caverns who waylay, confuse, and imperil miners and subterranean explorers. They use their dowsing ability to locate and acquire treasures and are very protective of their personal hoards.

I also have Sluagh/Sluagh, inspired by White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming and Nymphs/Banshees.



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Marullus Posted: 01.12.2008, 12:26

registered: Jan. 2008
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I picked up this game and have been impressed with its design (for simplicity and fun) and gave it to my daugthers for their birthday. Their first request was for the addition of Gnomes. :)

The book references that "Gnomes are nature fairies who protect and care for forest lands."

After some discussion of what they thought gnomes should include, their ideas worked well with that dynamic. We're creating two gifts for them:

Green Thumb: Forest gnomes have a magical affinity for the plants and trees of their woodland homes. They can make sick plants healthy with no essence. They can dramatically accelerate growth with an essence point (growing an acorn into a tree overnight, etc.) and call plants to their aid with two essence points (honeysuckle vines that wrap around a goblin's legs, etc.)

Illusion Magic: Forest gnomes can make static illusions for the scene at no cost (an illusionary pit in the trail, a shrub disguising a door, etc.) If they wish to make illusions that last until the next new moon or complex illusions (like a pacing guard who whistles to himself) it costs one essence. Exceptional feats, such as making a shabby cabin and everything in it appear to be made of gingerbread and candy, cost two essence and also last a month (full moon/new moon depending if they're good or bad).

I like the idea of bad gnomes becoming Tommyknockers. They can use the green thumb to blight healthy plants and enjoy growing brambles, prickers, poison ivy, and other baleful plants. Briar patches that snare the unwary are a particular favorite. Their penchant for illusions combined with an evil disposition can have horrific results.

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wickerbull Posted: 06.25.2008, 19:58

registered: Jun. 2008
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Hi all,

I love Faery's Tale! I ran one game (with middle-aged adults no less) and they loved it too! I have been adding my own house rules and faery forms to the game.

These gnomes are cool!

My gnomes start with Body 2, Mind 3, and Spirit 1. They have the Animal Friend Gift of the Sprite. They also have a Gift I call Industrious.

Industrious works like this: Any 1 point gifts that the gnome possesses give +3 to the relevant attribute under the noted circumstances instead of +2 (so a gnome with Agile gets +3 to their Body score instead of +2 during tests of agility.). Any 2 or 3 point gifts that use Essence cost 1 less Essence to produce feats of magic.

I think of gnomes as hard-working craftsfolk with specialized training. David the gnome was a doctor, for example.

My corrupted gnomes are called huldras.

I have also done nixies (amphibious pixies) and tomtes (one-eyed cousins to brownies that can grow to larger than humans.

I might be going overboard with all the options I want, though. I want to add genies, devas (two Arabic fey), dryads, oreads, hobs, and grigs.
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Firefly Posted: 06.26.2008, 01:08

registered: Sep. 2007
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Some great ideas on gnomes. We are planning an 'official' Faery's Tale gnome pattern in an upcoming product, but these are all very cool as well. (Unfortunately, I can't offer a prediction on when that product will be out - as you've probably noticed, our production schedule is lagging quite a bit).

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CanadianPittbull Posted: 04.12.2016, 13:22

registered: Apr. 2008
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So hope folks are still playing this from time to time with your gaming groups or your children/nieces and/or/nephews or even grandchildren.

I am wondering if we are ever getting the official rules for Gnomes? I have been using a culmination of what has already been presented here by fellow narrators. Just would love to see this wonderful game still get supported. My son is just getting into rpg's and this was one I felt was a great start given his love of all things fae and of gnomes.

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