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CyborGladiators Fast Play Rules (1013.78 Kb)
This is a simple set of fast play rules for the CYBORGLADIATORS tabletop fighting game. In CYBORGLADIATORS, you play a human or alien kidnapped by Dzerini slavelords and turned into a cyborg to battle in the arena as a gladiator. Victory or death! [details]

CyborGladiators Preview (629.28 Kb)
A 16 page preview of CyborGladiators. [details]

CyborGladiators Record Sheets (39.13 Kb)
This zip file contains the Character Sheet, Arena Sheet, and Tournament Bracket Sheet. [details]

CyborGladiators Wallpaper (701.72 Kb)
This zip file contains several jpg files suitable for wall paper on your computer. [details]

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