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Product Support



Event Form (120.52 Kb)
A one-page customized event form for demos, tournaments or games of Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat. Hand out copies to your friends or post the event form at your local game store with the permission of the owner or manager to let folks know about your upcoming games. [details]

Monster Island Errata (129.36 Kb)
This file contains the official rules errata for Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat. [details]

Monster Island Previews (806.9 Kb)
Previews of Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat, Escapte from Monster Island, and Invasion of Monster Island. [details]

Monster Island Record Sheets (272.5 Kb)
A handy pack of printable monster record sheets, including alternate reversed sheets to conserve on ink. Also, a Monster Island event signup form to post at your local store or conventions to recruit players for your bash-fests. [details]

Monster Island Rumble Pack I (65.92 Kb)
This pack contains optional rules for new terrain, weather and natural disasters to liven up your game. It is an adobe acrobat file in a zip archive. [details]

Monster Packs I & II (646.32 Kb)
More Monsters! More Fun! This zip file contains Monater Packs I & II. Each have more monsters will fully developed historys. [details]

Scaling Monster Island (102.36 Kb)
Tips to playing Monster Island with larger toys. [details]

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